indore world summit 2022

Indore World Summit (IWS) is the Biggest High School Leadership Conference of India. For years, the conference has been a place where a wide range of young students from different parts of the country gather to talk about, negotiate, and debate ways to solve the world’s problems keeping the Sustainable Development Goals as the center of discussion. More than 1,500 participants assemble for three days, simulating their function as delegates to the United Nations from a certain country and acting as representatives of that country’s views.


The Indore World Summit is a one-stop mega-conclave that will assist students acquire, adapt, and utilise life-enhancing skills.


Indore World Summit aims to identify, promote and connect India’s most impactful young leaders to create a better world, with more responsible, more effective leadership. Here’s what makes it the global forum for young leaders:

  • Action-Oriented:
    The Indore World Summit wants to inspire and celebrate changemakers. It’s not just a ‘talking shop’- the focus is on concrete
  • Diverse Community:
    The Indore World Summit aims to have a diverse community of students from across the country who want to bring a change in
    the world.
  • Opportunities for all:
    Students from different cultures and backgrounds come together to resolve the biggest problems faced by our world.
  • Mentorship:
    The Indore World Summit is set apart through the interaction it facilitates between the world’s most well renowned leaders,
    speakers, and the young leaders – yourselves.
  • Your voice matters
    The Indore World Summit is one of the global forums that is designed by young leaders for young leaders, ensuring that young
    people have the opportunity to devise solutions to the topics they care about most.



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When the World Summits were first established, the notion was that just thinking about ideas does not bring about change in society, but rather speaking out about them and seeing them implemented did. Our conferences provide our delegates with an unrivalled experience by using committees that are extremely customised, engaging, and dynamic in nature.

The deliberations are framed with rational ideas and methodologies. Muniversiti has collaborations with dozens of NGO partners, has conducted 20+ conferences, trained and catered to 40.000+ students. Muniversiti’s conferences remain unique because we pass down the resolutions prepared by delegates in each conference to our partnering NGOs, who possess the skills and resources required to implement those solutions. We associate with people working in fields ranging from gender equality to climate change in order to ensure none of the ideas proposed by the youth goes in vain.

Muniversiti has had the opportunity to connect with 75,000+ students through orientations throughout the years. A total of 5000+ attendees and 150+ institutions have been engaged with the conference thus far. It has always been the goal of Indore World Summit to help students feel the true fervour of being a diplomat and have an unparalleled experience of MUN. On top of that, the conference is known for the high calibre of its speakers and participants, who come together for three days to not only share ideas and opinions, but also to network and gain knowledge from their peers from different institutions. Additionally, the conference is well-known for its highquality educational modules, which are specifically designed to enhance the delegate’s overall experience.

The Indore World Summit 2022 intends to smash all barriers and welcome the delegates back with a bang following a lengthy covid break. Muniversiti expects to host over a 1,000+ delegates this year, drawing on the resources of more than 100 institutions PAN India and providing orientations for more than 20,000 new students. At a state-of-the-art location, the conference will give delegates with the greatest possible learning experience.


Cultural Night

The IWS Cultural night will give students an unforgettable experience through dance , music and other acts performed by the biggest artists of the country. The Indore World Summit gives students the opportunity to express their creativity and talent through performances, stressing the issues and solutions that will persuade every witness that the SDG/SDGs on which they concentrated must be addressed immediately. The students coming from different diversities and cultures will get an opportunity to present an act in the form of dance or a skit at the cultural night. The cultural night not only promotes the varied culture of India but also gives the delegate an opportunity to show their talent on such a big stage!

AFS India and Muniversiti Collaboration

AFS Intercultural Programs India partners with Muniversiti EdCorp for the common objective of student development and promulgating internationalism through Indore World Summit 2022 and is happy to share this opportunity with our network Member & Non-Member Schools. This collaboration further exemplifies AFS India commitment to bring quality education to masses through institutional collaborations and scholarship support.


AFS India has partnered with Muniversiti EdCorp as it is a like-minded organization working on the development of 21st century skills and global citizenship. Through this initiative, AFS India & Muniversiti Scholarship Fund will be raised to create future scholarship opportunities for the deserving student(s).


Opening Ceremony
It gives us immense pleasure to welcome you all to Daly College, which is a breathing enigma of history, finest education, and beauty. Daly College has been a focal point in establishing India’s pedagogy. Almost one and a half centuries old now, every wall in this institution holds immense cultural esteem. The beauty of the lakes, the architecture, and the wide canopy of trees are mesmerising. The Patrons of DC have been wide and large, and so have been the note-worthy alumni who adorn the walls of this splendid auditorium.

We are excited to bring a never-before experience to you! To keep our trail hot, we feel proud in welcoming you all to the wonderful institution, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Built in Indore to further and extend the legacy of fine education at NMIMS group, Mumbai, this institution has been a game changer in Indore’ literary scenario. With world class technical labs, seasoned faculties and an ever growing alumni, this university invites you in their magnificent campus with open arms.

Position Paper

A position paper is a short document that outlines your country’s position on the agenda of the committee. There are three main components of an effective position paper.

1) Country’s position,

2) Country’s relation,

3) Country’s Proposed solutions

For a Position Paper to successfully represent your country’s position, it is necessary to do research and analyse potential strategies. It will be mandatory for all delegates in IWS to submit Position Papers. A compelling Position Paper could be the deciding factor in a close competition.

Make sure the name of the document is in the following format: “Committee-Country”
For example: “UNSC-France” “UNESCO-Argentina”

Last date to submit Position Paper: 13th October, 2022.